Tooth loss is, unfortunately, more common than most people think. Even full tooth loss happens more than you might think. Unfortunately, there are some different things that can cause a person to lose all of their teeth. While poor dental hygiene is certainly a leading cause, it’s possible for even those who brush and floss regularly to lose their teeth due to accident, illness, or another factor. 

Fortunately, losing your teeth no longer condemns you to a life of ill-fitting dentures thanks to advances in dental technology. Today, the Arch-on-4 treatment concept allows us to quickly extract any remaining teeth and replace them with a set of permanent dentures that look and feel just like your natural teeth. Best of all, this implant method doesn’t require bone grafting as often as older implants once did. Many patients are good candidates for Arch-on-4 implants. This type of dental restoration is already very popular for some reasons.

This solution is best for patients who are looking to restore an entire smile. The procedure takes only a day, replacing both top and bottom arches using just four implant posts per arch with Trinity Valley Oral Surgery’s Full Arch on Four technology. Single arch replacements also are available. Actual times may vary.

Implant posts are anchored to the bone, and the two fuse, providing root–like permanent stability. Only four posts are needed to support each natural–looking arch.  

What Does the Arch-on-4 Process Involve?

The Arch-on-4 process makes use of dental implants. These implants are small rods or screws made from titanium that is placed in the jawbone. The implant is a replacement for the root of your tooth. Candidates for Arch-on-4 implants will have a minor surgical procedure in which these rods are inserted into the jawbone.

With early dental implants, there had to be a good amount of bone for the implant to sit correctly and remain in place. This meant many candidates needed to have a bone graft before they could have their implant. That made the process longer and required additional surgeries. This, in turn, increased the cost and recovery time. Thankfully, Arch-on-4 implants no longer typically require bone grafts. The four posts can be placed in some different parts of the mouth, so even if one area doesn’t have a good amount of bone, another spot can usually be found that does.

In fact, the titanium rod will fuse with the area of bone around it. This means that your dental implants will help strengthen your jawbone. It will prevent your jaw from losing more bone in the future.

The Replacement Teeth

Once the implants are in place, restorations are placed on top of them. Usually, these restorations are locked into place and cannot be removed, although there is a type of removable Arch-on-4 implant that might be an option for you. These restorations can be placed the same day the implants are put in, although typically you’re given a temporary set first. The restorations help speed up the healing process. You will visit us a few times over the next two or three months for checkups. If everything is on schedule, you will have your permanent teeth installed in about three months.

Regular Checkups

After you’ve had your Arch-on-4 restorations put in, you will see us regularly for a check-up. Usually, there aren’t any problems with the titanium post, but we want to make sure nothing goes wrong. There may come a time when you need a new set of crowns installed, too. However, Arch-on-4 implants last for quite some time.